Inside A Hot Air Balloon

I haven't played Ruby Tuesday in awhile. So, here I am :)

Although it's mostly on the orange side, I thought it was okay for Ruby Tuesday. Orange is made from red, right?

I got to talking to the pilot and his crew at the Hot Air Balloon Race this past weekend. As they were blowing up the balloon, one of the crew members took me to the slit they open when decending and let me stand inside the balloon.

That's propane firing into the balloon. Yes, it was hot. I had to make sure I stayed on the grass and not on the balloon itself. It was a difficult task because it was really windy and the balloon kept rolling from side to side. I'm lucky I got a shot this good, most of them were blurry because I had to keep moving.

I'll have more balloon shots coming this week. Once I talked to one pilot, it was really easy to talk to others. No more from inside the balloon, but some other close-up, cool ones.

To see other Ruby Tuesday shots, stop by Work of the Poet.


Carolyn Ford said...

Whoa! That's awesome...beautiful peek through the top! And, yes, orange is made from red and yellow! You win!

Auntie E said...

How neat looking... Happy RT