Classic Mustang

It's Almost Thursday!!

Who isn't distracted by shiny things?

On a recent excursion throughout the neighborhood, this guy was making the rounds. Seriously, I heard him across the lake and was bummed that my camera didn't have a strong enough zoom to catch him. As it turns out, he was just cruising. Not speed cruising, more just showing off his cool, buffed, shiny classic. I heard the rumbling and knew he was heading my direction. I stepped out in the street to get him to stop. He was more than happy to let me take pics.

Please join in the fun and show us all your shiny stuff. All I ask is this:

1. Post on Thursdays - Mr. Linky is available now - so jump right in.
2. Choose your favorite, because only one picture is allowed each week.
3. Use the button code below in your post (putting it in your side bar is optional, but much appreciated).
4. Visit all the other distracted photographers out there.

Please sign up with Mr. Linky and leave a comment (I LOVE comments). Can't wait to see your shiny stuff!

If you haven't played before, take a gander through your archives - I bet you've got something shiny in there :)

PS - Please stop by my ETSY store. I'd love to hear your opinions. Do any of my photos on "Picture This" cut the mustard as store worthy? Let me know.


Carolyn Ford said...

Really great green and shiny Mustang! Someone polishes like there is no tomorrow, I am sure! That is one great shiny distraction!

AL said...

You're distracted! That is one cool shiny green Mustang!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Love your pictures & your wit. I am just getting hooked myself. When I took a brief class I was in the army. It was photo journalism and cameras were totally different. I developed my own film. Now days we get instant gratification!