Blue Glass

It's Almost Thursday!!

Who isn't distracted by shiny things?

I thought I'd try something different. I picked out some of my favorite photos & opened an ETSY store! I really like this one. Let me know what you think - should I add this one or not?

Please join in the fun and show us all your shiny stuff. All I ask is this:

1. Post on Thursdays - Mr. Linky is available now - so jump right in.
2. Choose your favorite, because only one picture is allowed each week.
3. Use the button code below in your post (putting it in your side bar is optional, but much appreciated).
4. Visit all the other distracted photographers out there.

Please sign up with Mr. Linky and leave a comment (I LOVE comments). Can't wait to see your shiny stuff!

If you haven't played before, take a gander through your archives - I bet you've got something shiny in there :)


AL said...

Oh so nice! Did you have that in a clear vase and put it right on top of your computer table? That would make a very distracting accessory to your room. I'll be back. I'll just take a shower. LOL.


SquirrelQueen said...

Very shiny and distracting. My post is up.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oops, it is the correct link but I forgot to take that wording out. It was from another posting.

texasnascarcowgirl said...

that glass is very pretty!!