Engine No. 3

It's Almost Thursday!!

Who isn't distracted by shiny things?

Another pic from our trip to Chicago last weekend. We were walking down to Navy Pier when we had to halt because three firetrucks and a rescue unit were pulling out of the fire house.

For some of our other Chicago adventures, visit Life Makes Me Laugh for stories about some of our adventures.

I've got lots of shiny stuff coming up for a couple of weeks based on this trip.

Please join in the fun and show us all your shiny stuff. All I ask is this:

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If you haven't played before, take a gander through your archives - I bet you've got something shiny in there :)


The Accessory Lady said...

Nice shot! Thank you so much for stopping by! :-)

SquirrelQueen said...

Red and shiny, my favorite things. Very nice shot.

AL said...

That is a distracting huge red shiny thing and the loud siren as well.